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>> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a first quick look at our weather. rather chilly. here's our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. here's a high definition shot from our emeryville camera. it is nice and sunny, but numbers have dropped into the 30s in the north and east day valleys. the frost advisory has been allowed to expire. numbers coming up and we look for temperatures anywhere from two to four degrees warmer today. still keeps us below the arrange for this time of the year but we will see some more 60s today. another cool night ahead. looks like tonight won't be as cold as what we've experienced the past couple nights. with a warmer night tonight, we are on our way to warmer averages. i'll tell you how warm and there is still rain in the forecast. we will check it out later,
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carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> developing news from indianapolis. a second home is in ruins, more than lee dozen neighboring homes suffered damage from collapsed walls to blown-out windows. authorities say the gas and electricity were shut off' home that suddenly plea up around 11:00 last night indiana time. two bodies have been recovered so far. 7 people hospitalized and others evacuated. authorities will try to get a better understanding of exactly what caused that blast now that they can see the destruction bidet light. new this morning, president obama just finished giving husband veteran's day remarks at arlington national cemetery. he told veterans, quote, america must commit this day and every day to serving you, as well as you have served us.
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about an hour ago he laid the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and observed a moment. silence. the first lady began the day by hosting a breakfast with veterans. it was also attended by vice president joe biden is his wife jill. on this veteran's day, one of the biggest day events will be a parade in san francisco. abc7 news reporter is at the route where streets are being blocked off in preparation. >> that's right, carolyn. good morning to you. we are on market and second in downtown san francisco. actually second is being blocked off as we speak. preparations are just beginning right now at 9:00 a.m. that is actually the coast guard auxiliary. they are the first float in the parade and they have arrived right on time to start setting up here in the staging area. let's get you to our video of
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previous years of this parade. this year is the 93rd veteran's day parade in san francisco. the parade will honor, of course, all soldiers from all wars. but organizers say they will pay special attention to vets of the iraq and afghanistan wars this year. about 50 of whom are expected to participate in today's parade. there also will be a group of about 100 homeless veterans marchs, as well as dignitaries, including mayor edwards lee. we spoke with richard. this is his second veteran's day parade in san francisco. he said it's an honor to be in the united states coast guard auxiliary. he said today brings him a sense of duty. >> i am here today to essentially bring the message of service to the country, to the nation. veteran's day is a day to honor all of the people who have served in the armed forces. it's a day to remember the service that these people have rendered to the nation and to the world.
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>> so again, that coast guard float is going to be the first in the parade. it's a 25-foot response boat out of station san francisco. it's used for search and rescue. if you want to see the parade in person it starts here at mark and second streets at 11:00 a.m. i will march to civic center plaza and end about 3:00 this afternoon. market street will be closed, as will cross street. but as the parade passes the streets will slowly reopen. some muni lines will be affected by the parade so plan ahead. why not come out and see the parade, show your support to those who provided our freedom for us. it's a beautiful day. amounts chilly but a great day to come out and support our veterans. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. thank you. ash she mentioned, more than 100 homeless veterans have signed up to walk in san francisco's parade through saint anthony's dining room. at saint anthony's about 20% of
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the 3,000 people who get a hot meal every day are vets. at the end of the day saint anthony's will give gift bags to homeless vets. it will include clothes and toiletries from the downtown veterans administration clinic. this morning at 10:00 the coast guard cutter uss birk holes is due to return to home port on the coast guard island. they spent the last 150 days on patrol in the arctic. they played a key role in flat security exercises called >> will are all kinds ever veteran's day he vents all over the area. here are a few. at 9:00 milpitas will announce the recipient of hi first veteran of the year award. and 10:30 the golden gate national cemetery has a ceremony called when the troops come marching home. most local events are taking place at 11:00.
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alameda county holds a flag ceremony with local veterans speeches at the community center. >> more than 25,000 people are expected to attend petaluma's event. more on the website at >> a scary moment for passengers on a flight out of oakland international when the southwest flight arrived at the denver airport yesterday evening. the plane slid off the taxi way. ground was frozen, covered in a light snow. these are images from the images from passengers. no one was injured. on flight 1905 they had to be taken to the terminal by bus. one of them toiled us what happened after the plane happened. the pilot apparently tried to turn and when he did that, the plane just kept skidding forward. and right before he ran off the runway, he hit the jets hard to reverse to slow the plane down but at that point there was nothing he could do to stop it from going off. >> and that passenger is praising the southwest crew for the way they handled the
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incident. >> the oakland raiders defensive line coach will take time off after his 4-year-old son died. terrell williams' son tyson became ill this month. the raiders are not commenting on what that illness was. the little boy had just celebrated his fourth birthday. raiders head coach, dennis allen, said terrell will be allowed to take off as much time as he needs. the search for san jose murder suspect came to an abrupt end yesterday when the man was found dead in his car. the body of 50-year-old troy nosenzo was found off highway 129. police believe he died from an overdose of sleeping pills. he was suspected of killing his 54 year old wife, patricia, whose body was found inside their home friday morning. >> up next, the sex scandal shake-up at the cia. new details are revealed about why david petraeus resigned.
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and with president obama's re-election, the argument wages over raising taxes and cutting programs to reduce the deficit. hear what republican and
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> this is abc7 news. >> this morning a 5.8 magnitude
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aftershock has hit northern myanmar hours after an initial earthquake struck. an initial count shows 12 people are dead. the magnitude 6.8 quake hit the former country of burma just after 7:00 30 sunday their time. a death happened when a bridge under construction collapsed. president obama's re-election victory just got a bit bigger. florida now in the president's column by a nose. state officials say the president took 50% of the vote compared to 49% from mitt romney. the results mean the president took eight out of nine swing states, losing only north carolina. the final electoral college results now read president obama 332, romney 206. nationwide some votes are still being counted but it's clear americans chose president obama to serve a second term. voters also allowed republicans to retain control of the house.
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so the debate over raising taxes and cutting programs to reduce the deficit continues. with the year-end that's correct time bomb ticking away. both parties face a year end deadline when temporary tax cuts intended to rejuvenate the economy expire. president obama is asking the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes to help cut the taxes. republicans say raising taxes on business owners would only eliminate more jobs. >> what has been the missing ingredient in congress to date has been the revenue. and to make sure that it is fairly distributed and the wealthy pay their fair share. that is what we face right now. if our republican counter parts can step forward with that revenue piece, we will be able to find a solution. >> president obama said two years ago now is not the time with a sluggish economy to raise taxes. we need to consider the fact that the folks he is talking about raising taxes on are the
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job creators, the small business community. >> doing nothing means the tax cuts would expire for everyone and the typical american family would pay about $2,000 more in taxes next year. we are learning new details this morning about the shocking scandal that has force the the head of the cia to resign. >> it was affair between petraeus and his biographerrer, paula broadwell. she had extraordinary access to petreas when he running the warn afghanistan. >> they trusted me so i was able to get a lot of great access and i got to know his family and mentors. >> confirmed at cia more than a year ago, several source tell abc news it was an e-mail that unraveled the affair. a couple of monthsing a a bomb in the tampa area with associate
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with petreas and the military received a strange and harassing e-mail. she notified the fbi that launched an investigation which worried that petreas' account had been compromised. it was traced back to the computer of ball law broad well. but what they found was intimate e-mails between them described as a lot of human dramas. >> there had been rumors of an affair between them for some time. >> there is a back being released early next year. >> frankly, i didn't believe them and neither about anybody else i knew. he didn't seem the type. >> martha raddatz reported that some of his staff worried about how it looked to have broad well spend so much time with the general and told him as much. even though the fbi investigation has apparently wherein underway for a couple months, an intelligence
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officials tell the news it was just tuesday evening the head of national intelligence was told. james talked to petreas several times that night and wednesday, advising the cia director to resign. thursday at the white house petreas offered his resignation to the president, who waited 24 hours to accept. so shock because petreas himself had been officers -- had been critical of officers guilty of it. >> he spoke with them in a tone of contempt about officers who engaged in this behavior which is why i thought he would never be up for that sort of thing. >> the head of national intelligence is saying this sunday he has no intentions to start an investigation into the affair between petreas and broadwell. david curley, abc news, washington. >> that story will continue to play out over the next several days. in terms of our weather, lots of veterans days events today so what say you? >> well, we are warming up
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slowly. getting out of the 30s. only one neighborhood still stuck in the 30s. here's a look at vollmer peak. not only will we warm up today but today begins a warming trend where we will see temperatures back to near average by the middle of the week. i'll let you know when that is. and we have rain this the forecast. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, stanford plays it's final home game against 11th ranked oregon state on senior day. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. =ú
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>> welcome back. the weather is terrific news to skiers and everyone who enjoys the snow. this is a live look from our heavenly cam. lake tahoe area has received over two feet of snow since thursday. cold weather is also allowing the resorts to crank up the snow-make machines just in time for the holiday weekend and for thanksgiving. lisa, in our earlier newscast you were talking about how tahoe was like 5 degrees? >> no, 7:00 this morning, 0 in truck key. but 4 at the tahoe valley airport. the lowest temperatures were at 7. even colder than we saw before. we are look at a warmup here beginning and that will take us through the middle of the week. also lake tahoe will be warming up. barely 40 today there. here's the high definition
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emeryville camera where we are enjoying sunshine and temperatures beginning to respond to a slightly warmer air mass this afternoon. right now still pretty frosty out there in the protected valleys. the live doppler hd showing clouds offshore but we will get into more mixes and temperatures will come up not only today but we should be in the mid-and upper 60s for this time of year and we will get there by the middle of the week. looks like the rain is coming. but it's going to hold off for a while. san rafael 47, oakland 42 for you. in the mid-40s redwood city and fremont. san jose down to 47. you were in the upper 30s this morning by hollister mid-30s and concord and livermore. so the 24 hour temperature change, it's been colder everywhere except the north bay. feeling the chill this morning again in the east bay valleys, in the cities and even eye long the peninsula it was in the mid-and upper 30s hawaii moon
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bay. certainly chilly out there but the colder air mass is slowly heading out of town. today anywhere from two to four degrees warmer so the sun should feel pretty good. we will look for the numbers to be not as cold tonight. not expecting another frost advisory. showers will beholding off toward the end of the week. and it looks like when we do see the next rain come our way, it's not going to be a big storm, but there is something developing by the end of next weekend. that could be interesting. so here's our pacific satellite and radar composite. notice most of the energy and cold front to the north of us. we had a few clouds spilling over. still we will look for maybe some higher clouds to head south come tomorrow into tuesday for our extreme north bay communities. but other than that we are staying dry and the warmup continues bit by bit. let's take you through the next couple of days. this afternoon pretty nice out there. still below average. and then by tomorrow into tuesday this cold front kind of
9:23 am
falls apart. maybe a few light showers extreme northern california and through wednesday and thursday it looks like we will be looking at still a weak high pressure hod holding on. the numbers modifying and looking a the a pretty decent week. although maybe we would like to see some of that snow and rain materialize by next weekend. near 41 in lake tahoe today. sacramento had some very cold numbers, responding to some mid-november sun. high of 60 today. it's still cool in los angeles at 68. back home numbers in the 50s along our coast with the sea breeze returning in the afternoon. 58 downtown. 58 in palo alto. and the 49ers will return home for a division match-up against the rams. numbers will be near 60 at candlestick, 62 watsonville, and so many events going on for the veterans today. the weather will be very nice. so they probably need the coat out there. but by the afternoon getting
9:24 am
mild. up he were 60s and near 70s. thicken clouds, maybe rain north bay by the end of the north week but it looks pretty dry at this point. interesting is to see what develops next weekend. >> this is the kind of weather i like. although i won't talk about the rain. if you say i don't like it, then somebody says we need it and so on and so forth. in sports, in about 30 minutes, the raiders are in baltimore while the 49ers host the st. louis rams at candlestick park. kickoff 1:25. yesterday stanford had a big win over oregon state, setting up a pac-12 showdown next week at oregon. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. we kick off with a little college football. stanford quarterback kevin hogan started his first game for the cardinals on senior day, and with a little help from his friends they knock off oregon state. a must-win for cardinals to keep their rose bowl hopes alive.
9:25 am
beavers take the lead with 23 unanswered points but hogan answers. under pressure, flipped to stefan taylor, who finds his way into the end zone. 114 yards rushing on the day. the first stanford back to rushed for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons. stanford down, 23-21. off the turnovers, hogan to zach. was he 22 of 29. 254 yards and 3tds. huge win for stanford upsetting 11th ranked oregon state. 27-23 your final. cardinals now 8-2 with oregon up next. >> cal hosting number three oregon, down 24-10. the four yard touchdown run. he finished with 134 yards. 24-17, ducks. but marcus threw six td passes, three to josh huff. he was 27 of 34, 377 yards. cal demolished 59-17. oregon is now 9-0. looking forward to next week's showdown against stanford. coach mike mcentire has san jose state bowl eligible already. adding to that resume yesterday in new mexico. first quarter, finds the hole. 63 yards later, touchdown.
9:26 am
he finished with 96 yards, 10-0, spartans. second quarter, spartty up. 17-0. the spin move. 24-0. sails through for 224 yards and 3 tds. in the first half, san jose state now 8-2 on the season. 47-7, your final. top ranked team in the land, alabama, upset by texas a&m. fourth quarter, johnny manzel, johnny football they call him. he makes a great grab and texas a&m upsets the top team in the nation. 29-24 that final. lakers beat down the warriors friday night. they are back at oracle arena. pick it up late fourth quarter. jarrett jack drives. makes the lay-up. tied at 86. go to overtime. tied at 92. under a minute to go in overtime. steph curry stops, pops. warriors up two. after klay thompson missed two free throws to seal the deal.
9:27 am
he less gallinari drive the lane to tie it at 94 with a foul to give. then in double o. t., gallinari, again. the three. led the nuggets to 21. warriors lose their second straight. 107-101, the final. 49ers hosting the rams and raiders in baltimore. we will have all those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up next on this veterans day, a new investigation reveals the endless wait bay area vets must endure just to get the help they are due. and 'tis the season of giving. it's starting right now. what one group did and how you ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley,
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>> around the country thousands of veterans will spend this
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veteran's day just like they did last year, wait to go see if the department of veterans affairs will grant their disability claims. the center for investigative reporting finds that many of those veterans will be denied benefits because of errors made by the v. a.. here's awc7 news anchor dan ashley are more in this morning's assignment 7 report. >> i knew it. i knew i was going to get my claim approved. i knew it. >> in 2008 the department of veterans affairs denied jose roundtree's disability claim for post traumatic stress disorder. >> what do you have to do, get shot buff get ptsd? there is more than one way to get wounded. i was mentally wounded. >> he was on a navy destroyer that engaged in battle off the coast of beirut, but the v.a. couldn't find any evidence that he was in combat. >> i just did a quick google search on military history sites and i was able to verify that
9:31 am
his ship that he was on was actually in combat. that was 1983. >> jamie fox was a claims processor at the v.a.'s oakland office. >> i brought it to the attention of the supervisor because i was new and i didn't know what to do. >> fox never saw roundtree's file again. five months later she was forced out. her termination letter said she was let go because she did not send roundtree a letter denying his claim. >> i was in shock. i was confused. >> fox filed a wrongful termination suit against the v.a. the agency declined several requests to discuss her case on camera. but in a deposition the former director of the v.a.'s oakland office did talk and shed light on how the agency is run. lynn flint said it didn't matter if the agencys' decision in roundtree's case was right or wrong. >> they aren't interested in quality, they are interested in production and getting the decisions done regardless of whether they are right or wrong. >> attorney gordon has successfully sued the v.a. on behalf of veterans.
9:32 am
he doesn't represent roundtree or fox, but he's not surprised but what happened to them. >> the system is simply broke and we can do a lot better for our veterans. >> the v.a. said their error rate on disability claims is 14% but the center for reporting analyzed a subset and found an error rate of 38%. then there's this. the board of veterans appeals said the agency made mistakes in 73% of cases. he said errors are often the result of a well-known practice at the v.a. >> there's a practice known as top sheeting. a famous term in the v.a.. and that is basically you take a look at the file, you take a look at the top few pages on the file and you write a decision. >> in a statement the v.a. said it's, quote, retooling procedures and employing paperless data it systems. their goal is to reduce their error rate to 2% by 2015. >> i want to see dramatic changes taking place now. >> this congresswoman said
9:33 am
errors are contributing to the v.a.'s huge backlog of disability claims. >> there's no benefit in pushing a determination out that's wrong because in the end it will be appealed and it will make the record look even wars. -- worse. >> appeals represent 38 percent of their 819,000 pending disability claims. by the time jose filed his first claim, he spent 17 years in the navy and more than a decade on the streets addicted to drugs. >> i lost it. i had a major breakdown. >> while he was waiting for the v.a. to process his claim, his family struggled financially. the same day he received his denial letter he got a job offer from the v.a.'s healthcare division. now he works as a cook at the medical center in sacramento. jamie fox now works for the same division of the v.a. that hired roundtree, assisting veterans in santa rosa. her lawsuit is still pending. this spring she found roundtree on facebook. >> i was so nervous calling, i
9:34 am
didn't know how he would respond. >> she heard what happened to his claim and he heard about her job. >> i felt her pain, i felt her ager. i felt everything about her because she and i connected. >> a few weeks later they met and fox convinced him to file another claim. >> it's not just for me but it's for every other vet that's out there that is suffering. its for every other vet that's coming back home that they are going to see a difference, okay? i want these vets coming back from overseas and get fair, better treatment. >> dan said jose roundtree has been waiting for five months to hear if the v.a. will approve his new claim. on average veterans who submit claims to the oakland office will wait a year for a decision. >> veterans who are amputees, , they were among those who showed up in san francisco for a special event. it was a clinic that features
9:35 am
hands-on training and classroom instructions and the latest in prosthetic gear. one of the organizers told us these clinics give am two tees hope and a way to feel more connected and inti grated into society. the physical reaction is people's physiological well-being is improved definitely. but from a psychological perspective, it opens such doors to people that they never thought was possible follow the trauma of an amputation. >> participants had a chance to scale a wall and get in a bit of swimming. about 100 athletes showed up for that event. the season of giving is already in full swing throughout the bay area. abc7 news reporter tomas ramon has a look at one early texas -- early thanksgiving dinner. >> thank you for the food! >> this day of thanksgiving started off with a prayer, then hundreds of people began to feast on food provided by the hilltop church of christ in richmond. the food was doled out by dozens of members of the congregation and volunteers. kevin said this is the third
9:36 am
year he attended the event. he's homeless and welcomed the free meal. >> it feeds me for the day. i live in my truck for three years in richmond. they feed me. >> the church puts on what they call every day is a thanksgiving event the past eight years. last year so many people throughout richmond came to eat that this year they rented a tent to accommodate what they knew would be a huge crowd. >> last year we had 3,000 totally, actual dining as well as our everyday market. >> it is not only the meal cooked by church members that is served, people are also given a member to get clothes and groceries, which includes a free turkey or ham for their own thanksgiving meal. tamika has three children and are here to gather food for their holiday meal. >> things are not so good. i'm a full-time student and single parent so it's kind of tough. >> people truly have a need. people have lost their homes, people have lost the clothe on their back and they are just looking for a way to be able to leave day-by-day. >> most of what has been given out is donated or sold to the
9:37 am
church at wholesale prices. the church used $20,000 in donations and a lot of volunteer to provide all this food, clothing and groceries. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday >> as an added treat, they celebrated colonel douglas gardner's 100th birthday. >> nathan is also the fundraiser for the church. he said tomorrow fundraising begins for next year's dinner. in richmond. abc1 news. >> abc7 news is committed to gearing up foreran you'll holiday food drive. we wap you to help us end hunger in the bay area. this morning we will show you many ways to participate. guests on "beyond the headlines" tell us about the changing faces of those in need. >> something unique about who we are serving in almeda county and this holds true for other bay
9:38 am
area food banks, many families are earning just a little too much to qualify for any type of acy stance, but still not enough it pay their bills and put food on the table. >> join abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings for beyond the headlines this morning at 10:00 right after our show here on abc7. >> abc7 news is committed to working with bay area food banks to feed hungry people in our communities. we have information on how you can help, including the most needed donations. go to under "see it on tv." >> coming up next, taxpayers help fund a plan to ease congestion on highway 101, but the project hasn't exactly been on track. we will have an update on the north bay's first commuter train. >> and take a live look from our roof cam, showing you the bay in san francisco. sunny, but chilly on this veteran's day. lisa argen will have your
9:39 am
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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we have a progress report right now on the smart train. that's the north bay measure from four years ago. old train tracks have been pulled out and new tracks are being laid for the north bay's first commuter train. abc7 news transportation reporter heather ishimaru explains. >> the aptly-named tamper machine lifts, levels and straightens new rails and tamps down the loose rocks underneath. and it's a painfully slow
9:42 am
process when you consider it has to cover 38 miles of new tracks between santa rosa and san rafael, what will be phase one of the new sonoma-marin area transit or smart train. >> this was measure q. it passed in 2008. we passed it with nearly 70% yes vote by i think by any electoral standard is a tsunami. >> maybe so, but it's not been without controversy, especially after the recession slashed revenue estimates. to compensate, it was cut into two phases. phase one will cover from the gervel road in santa rosa to downtown san rafael. old rails and ties, some dating to the 1940s, had to be pulled up from what was once the northwestern pacific line that first operated here in the 1880s. >> what can be reused, we will do that and whatever not they are taking the metal off to recycle and grind the ties up and burn them for power generation plants will actually burn them. it's getting 100% reused. >> ten miles of new rails have been laid down so far with another shipment of 1500,
9:43 am
1600-foot segments arriving from colorado in a few days. the old wooden ties have been replaced with concrete ties which are quieter and last longer. >> along with new tracks and new ties, there also has to be new ballasts. that's the loose rock that gets mounted underneath the track. they are loading it here to bring it there to train cars. >> the hope is that the train will be a reliable alternative to the often congested highway 101. the train will travel at up to 79 miles an hour. though it's not the entire system approved pure years ago, they insist it will be effective. >> it captures about 70% or 80% of the whole ridership in the whole project before we phase it. and we anticipate building the rest of the project as the sales tax revenues increase and we get additional funding. >> the first trains arrive a year from now to beginning testing with the system opening for business in 2016. abc7 news.
9:44 am
>> well, i think last thursday, lisa, i got caught in a real gusher. i shouldn't say caught, it was predicted. guys predicted it. but i was surprised how strong it was. is something like that coming this way? >> you know what? no. in fact, we have the colder temperatures. that frost advisory has been allowed to expire. you feel sunshine out there. even though it it was a colder morning this morning compared to yesterday, we have seasonal temperatures on the way. and the rain, that's going to wait. it is in our seven-day outlook. we will see it and we will talk about it coming up. >> all right. also ahead, one of the community's near the new facebook headquarters has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company. but officials say they don't know what to do with it. and the best movie arts and entertainment reporter dop sanchez says he has seen all year. we will have
9:45 am
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9:47 am
new this morning, one of the wealthiest bay area communities has received quite a windfall after facebook moved its headquarters to menlo park. atherton has received $350,000 from the social media giant to quiet concerns about increased traffic. today san francisco chronicle reports the payment was made by facebook to appease concerns in neighboring communities. atherton leaders are still deciding how to spend that money. thousands of non-native critters are being plucked out
9:48 am
of san francisco's mountain lake park. it's part of an effort to bring back the lake's natural ecology. mountain lake in the richmond district is part of the residio run by the national park service. it's goal is to to keep preserves the way nature made them. the four-acre pond is one of the few natural bodies of water in the city. over the years people have been dumping invasive fish, turtles and other creatures in the lake from home aquariums. now crews are using nets to scoop out some of the innovators, including at least 500 young carp, a large mouth bass, and that's just so far. >> good day to go to the lake if you bundle up. >> that's right. a little bit warmer today but it will continue throughout the middle of the work week. headed outside it was frosty in the sierra nevada this morning with 0 in truck tee and 4 at the tahoe valley airport this morning. plenty of lows across the
9:49 am
sacramento valley. the frost advisory has been lifted, allowed to expire. and locally back home you see it's pretty nice and sunny here. the average high this time of year in oakland is 64. we are shy of that. probably by tuesday there will be more seasonable temperatures around the bay. live temperature hd. a little fog was withnous the early morning hours but right now it's quiet out there. we will look for the winds to be more of a southerly component today. out ahead of the next cold front. we will show did you to you and see whether or not it will bring us rain. everyone has warmed up into the 40s. of course, that's relative. 50 half moon bay. many locations dropped into the 30s this morning from the coast to hollister and san jose. our east bay was even colder. we did manage numbers below freezing in our north bay valleys. but we are looking at a warmer night tonight, despite the chill this morning and 9 degrees of
9:50 am
cooling compared to yesterday. the numbers going in the opposite direction. so we will look for some changes, though, in our seven-day outlook. starting with today. with numbers coming up anywhere from two to four degrees and that will allow for us to retain some of that heat tonight. i think some high clouds are going to move in ahead of a cold front. and with that cloud cover the radiational cooling not quite as intense so that will allow for a warmer night tonight. and showers look to return to parts of the bay area by the end of the work week. so here's a look at our pacific satellite picture. you will notice the cold front to the north of us. it will begin to shift a little bit further south tomorrow. but today it's weak high pressure building in that keeps us sunny. and the numbers beginning to edge up a little bit. but southerly winds out ahead of the next front will allow for more warming in the days ahead. notice the front continues to stay to the north. it wants to sag a little south right on through tuesday but really not going to make it
9:51 am
anywhere close to the bay area. and wednesday, into thursday, the showers getting close, remaining offshore. some of these may sneak in come thursday night into friday. it looks like the that you is on for the sierra nevada after today. 41 for a high after today. the no is over. 60 in fresno with 68 in los angeles. but ball ago good base up there. temperatures today ranging from the mid-50s at our coast with the light west wind. 61 oakland with 61 in concord and livermore. san jose warming up to about 60. you should be about 6ed this time of year. should reach that by the middle of the week. 60 in salinas. the little warmup coming. a beautiful day for veteran's day today." looking at the increasing clouds for thursday. maybe some showers into the north bay through friday and it looks like we could see a pretty significant storm next weekend. still kind of far out, but that would be exciting. >> get back to your computer and let's figure it out.
9:52 am
>> see if it will happen. >> thank, lisa. steven spielberg's new fill "lincoln" is in select theaters this weekend and opens nationwide next week. based on a book, it centers on lincoln's fight to end slavery. abc7 news, arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez calls it ethic. here's his on the isle review. >> the fate of human dignity in our hands. blood has been spilled to afford us this moment. now, now, now! >> abraham lincoln, the civil war and his effort to pass a constitutional amendment that abolishes slavery. beliefs run deep. this film pulls no punches. lincoln tries to gain support for the bill and end the war. >> i don't think an amendment for this piece you cannot have. >> how many hundreds have died? >> congress must never declare equal those who god declared unequal. leave the constitution alone. >> it puts today's gridlock to
9:53 am
shame. it's fascinating. alongside stephen spielberg's masterful direction, there is daniel day lewis portraying lincoln as a simple, not a terribly sophisticated man with homespun humor. >> it's the self-evident truth, things which are equal to the same things are equal to each other. >> a bit of a loner. there are some surprising things. like when he opens the white house to hear people's problems, or when he rides around in an open carriage. sally fields is great as the troubled mary todd lincoln. by it is about daniel day lewis. >> this very well may be the best picture of the year. you can line up your critics choice awards and our oscars. never seen anything like it. it begins with the battlefield sequence like saving private ryan but then the battleground becomes the floors of congress and the weapons are words, and superbly crafted.
9:54 am
an amazing performance by daniel lewis. you really feel he is lincoln. and expect nominations for sally field and tommy lee jones. it is a spielberg spectacular and i have to give "lincoln" a full bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news and we will see you on the isle. >> coming up next, the thrills, spills and flash down at the red alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches.
9:55 am
t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
9:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's winning super lotto plus. don't get too excited. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $11 million. >> the annual red bull flugtag contest dropped into san francisco this holiday weekend. it was held yesterday at mccovey cove. the first san francisco visit in ten years.
9:57 am
32 teams spread their wings, attempting the longest flight. few of them made it more than ten or fifteen feet. the team that won is from the bay area. they call themselves november mustaches, and they reached a distance of 54 feet into the chilly waters there at mccovey cove. well, today is veteran's day, and so there are lots of events going on. lisa argen here with the final check of the accuweather forecast, how it's going to be for all that. >> definitely starting out cool but a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the low 60s for the most part. a couple upper 50s. san francisco, palo alto, mid-50s at the coast. plenty of sunshine. and down by the monterey bay also warming up after a very cold start. we have a cold front to the north that's going to stay there. so featuring sunny, warmer conditions through midweek. a little rain maybe north bay end of the week, and looks like maybe we will have a rainy next weekend. >> all right. thank you, lisa. that's going to do it for us.
9:58 am
thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues, the abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. we want to remind you about our exclusive alarm clock app for the i-phone. download it for free and get all ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities.
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